We LOVE kids!  We believe that kids are a gift from God.  We want to partner with parents to help kids get to know and love Jesus.  

"How do we do that?" you ask.  Here you go:

We have a fun, safe and educational environment for children who are birth through 4 years of age. They will learn that God made them, He loves them, and He wants to be their friend forever.

For kids elementary age and older we believe in a shared worship experience. We want you and your kids to worship together, learn together, sing together, and take communion together. That's why we include kids in our worship gathering. And that is one of the best ways we can help you be the parent that God has created you to be.

Hub City Kids, our 1st-6th grade Hub Group, meets  from 4:30 - 6:00 pm Sundays in the Ministry Center. The purpose of this group is to equip kids to understand how all Scripture points to Jesus.

We look forward to seeing you and your kids this Sunday!