Hub City Church is a group of people. It's not building. It's not an hour on Sunday morning. It's not someplace you go. Hub City Church is a family.

None of us is perfect. To be honest, we're all messed up - however, we know that God loves us, sent His son to die on the cross for us, and invites us to surrender our lives to Him. We want to hear God speak so that we can do what He says. Also, we want to bring as many people along with us on this journey as we can. We know that we can't do life alone. We need one another. We need one another because that's how God intended it to be. That's how we grow. That's how we change the world.

We know guests have a lot of questions. Hopefully your questions will be answered below, but if not, feel free to contact us here. Thanks for taking the time to check out our web site. We're honored that you are here.


When do you meet?
We meet for worship at 10:30 am on Sundays and Hub Groups meet throughout the week.
Where do you meet?
We're located at 350 N Blackstock Rd. in Spartanburg.
What should I wear?
We're super casual. Come in jeans and a t-shirt or dress up a little - whatever makes you comfortable. We don't want clothing to be a barrier that keeps you from Jesus.
What about my kids?
We love kids. During our weekly gathering, we have a fun place for kids up to 5 years old: kids under two get to play and socialize, while kids ages 3 to 5 learn Bible lessons and make crafts. We want your kids to know that God made them, God loves them, and God wants to be their friend forever. 1st - 4th graders join their families for a shared worship experience on the first Sunday of each month; then, they head upstairs to the Hub City Kids program after singing for a kid-friendly time (based on the same topic as the adult message) the remaining Sundays of the month.
What can I expect to experience on Sundays?
You can expect relevant music with either a full band or an acoustic set. You'll hear a message that's helpful, relevant, and engaging. We won't embarrass you. Honestly, we think that it may be one of the best hours of your week. We look forward to seeing you there.
What is the mission of Hub City Church?
To make disciples who make disciples.
What's a disciple?
Someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and committed to the mission of Jesus. Basically, it's someone who hears from God and does what He says.
What does Hub City Church value?
The short answer? People, the Bible, and grace. For a more detailed answer, click here.
How can I get connected and involved at Hub City?
Join a Hub Group. Volunteer to serve. We have a place for you. For more information, check out the Hub Group page and Serve page.


In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.

We believe...

  • The Bible is the true, authoritative word of God.
  • Jesus is the son of God who died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin and rose from the dead. He was both fully God and fully man.
  • Humans are sinners.
  • We are saved by grace, not by works, through the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Our mission at Hub City Church is to make disciples who make disciples.

This is what God called each of us to do in the Great Commission.

Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the faith of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to lay to heart all the commands that I have given you; and, remember, I myself am with you every day until the close of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20, Open English Bible

What do you think of when you think of a disciple of Jesus? A follower? A Sunday School Teacher? A Mom? Quite simply, a disciple is someone who hears from God and does what He says.

Discipleship happens when we invest in relationships. This is not our idea, we actually got it from Jesus. When Jesus discipled people, he did it through relationships.


We believe God is calling Hub City Church to be a training, equipping, and sending hub, so that we can be the church in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and around the world as salt, light, and ambassadors for Jesus.

We do this through...

  • The Gathering

    The Gathering is our Sunday morning worship service. This is our time to praise God and learn from the Bible together as a church family.

  • Hub Groups

    A Hub Group is like a small group, but way better. This is where discipleship happens. This is where you get to know people and get connected. This is the most important thing we do as a church. To learn more about Hub Groups, click here.

  • Mission and Service

    You may see us around Spartanburg helping local Schools. But why stop there? We also partner with missionaries in Papua New Guinea and Haiti and want to go anywhere else God may lead us. For more information about our service projects and missions, click here.


Our values are important to us and make us who we are.

We value...

  1. Unity over Personal Preference
  2. Relationships over Programs
  3. Grace over Works, Rules, & Law
  4. People over Tasks
  5. Authenticity over Perfection

To learn more, click here to check out the Sermon Series Us.